Thank you for your donation and making dreams come true.
Thank you for your donation and making dreams come true.


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One of our 2017 objectives is to mobilize caring professionals to assist in providing their expertise necessary in making dreams come true.

Building Partnerships & Strategic Alliances

Partnerships that is built on a strategic alliance or relationship between two or more people and/or organizations understanding and sharing your organization's vision. Successful partnerships are often based on trust, equality, and mutual understanding and obligations.

Transfer Knowledge Delivery Methods

Various opportunities exist for transfering knowledge and identifying learning styles for instructor-led and self-paced learning. Knowledge transfer is offered through a menu of distinctive delivery options.




What We Do?

What We Do?

WorkforceSkills™ of Lake County is a not-for-profit organization providing workplace leadership in information and business technology strategies to build a more skillful and rewarding marketplace.

WorkforceSkills™ leadership is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professors with over 60 years of educational, business and technology experience.

We build marketplace and workplace leadership with solid skills that corporate businesses can rely on including expertise to help drive desired results of the business on-demand.

We provide high-quality sessions, symposiums, workshops, and leadership explorations enabling our program participants to excel holistically in today's workplace or as an entrepreneur.

If you are at a crossroad in your career, promotion deprived, and experiencing a lack of upward mobility, we can help.

You can excel from a data entry operator to management with the right leadership skills.

We also endeavor to establish ourselves as a grassroot advocate in the alleviation of the Digital Divide gaps within Lake and Cook communities.

WorkforceSkills™ focus on exploration of leadership, project leadership, and acceleration of leadership in all career phases and industries for a sustainable future for its program participants.

Understanding Principles of Management?

Principles of Management

The Principles of Management (PM) series is design to give non-managers, managers, and supervisors a thorough knowledge of 40 integrated skills and behaviors crucial to leadership success. Participates learn to use these skills to effectively manage relationships with their direct support, peers, and managers. Participate will learn and practice skills outlined in the Principles of Management series.

PM is designed around managing business operations and information technologies for maximum output and desired outcomes. In today's marketplace, understanding the integration of technology into your business platforms requires intelligence and sophistication. With the right mentoring and proper business engagements, your competitive edge is realized.

Principles of Management